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N Health is the prominent healthcare service provider supporting hospital business domestically and internationally.

We are driven to deliver high quality healthcare services to help to improve human health and well-being by offering a wide range of healthcare services, including are laboratory diagnostic, sterile processing, linen management, biomedical engineering, equipment and medical supplies distributorship, telemedicine solutions and healthcare supply chain management.

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News & Activities

N Health Launches Myanmar’s First private medical lab

7 April 2017

Mr. Narongrid Galaputh, CEO of Non-Hospital Group of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Co Ltd (BDMS) and Managing Director of National Healthcare Systems Co Ltd (N Health), has announced that N Health, a medical service provider supporting hospital businesses based in Bangkok, has established a joint venture with two leading Myanmar organizations: Sea Lion Group, a loyal partner of BDMS and reputable leader in healthcare and various industries in the country, and Bahosi Hospital, a leading private institution. A budget of USD 2.5 m was split 60-20-20 respectively for the initial setup of the N Health medical laboratory center in Yangon, the commercial hub of Myanmar. N Health Myanmar operates as a standalone laboratory center, independent from any hospital. It is also the first government-licensed private clinical laboratory to be developed from a joint venture investment with a major regional laboratory operator in Myanmar. N Health Myanmar aims at supporting large hospitals for high-end genetic tests, allergy tests, as well as evaluations for tuberculosis, malaria, and dengue virus. Moreover, it intends to provide standard analytical services, including medical check-ups for small and medium-sized hospitals.          “This investment in Myanmar is a major step of N Health in accordance with our target set to expand more branches across the region after the Cambodian branch. After this, we have plans to expand N Health medical laboratory centers in other countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Our intentions are to reach more consumers and help them take preventive care of their health. Furthermore, we will continue to develop new products in order to keep up with a growing trend in healthcare,” said Mr. Narongrid Galaputh. Sea Lion Group Managing Director Dr. Win Zaw Aung stated that this new joint venture will further diversify Sea Lion Group’s growing businesses in the Myanmar healthcare industry. “We are ecstatic to extend our business collaboration with two longtime partners, N Health and Bahosi Hospital, to better serve our patients and the people of Myanmar with reliable laboratory services,” he commented. N Health’s annual revenue of USD 90 million has increased year-over-year at 25% due to continued business expansion and increasing consumer demand. N Health expects to see a similar degree of growth this year; the Myanmar medical laboratory center will certainly help the company reach its targeted revenue.      

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Allergy Thailand Profile

17 April 2017

Allergy is a hypersensitive reaction that the host responds to allergens in atopic subjects. The symptoms occur in organs that are exposed to the allergens. The symptoms and its severity triggered by the allergen are different in each patient according to his/her genetic background and the site of allergen exposure. Allergens are mainly divided into two categories including aeroallergens such as dust mite, cockroach, pet hair/dander, pollen, grass and fungi, and food allergens such as milk, egg, soybean, peanut, wheat and seafood. The incidence of allergy in Thailand According to the statistics from The Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Association of Thailand, Thai patients suffering from allergy are up to 38 percent in children and 20 percent in adults. Nowadays, the number of allergic patients with symptoms increases 3-4 times compared to last 10 years which caused mainly from heredity, pollution, modern forms of lifestyle such as smoking, lacking of exercise. Moreover, keeping pet in house, carpeting and using air conditioner also worsen the dwelling’s ventilation and can increase an amount of dust and a rate of dust mites thriving. Symptoms of allergy The allergic symptoms in patient are triggered by the allergens which stimulate inflammatory responses. A variety of the symptoms might include rash, persistence allergic urticaria, runny nose with sneezing, watery, red and itchy eyes or frequent cough, wheezing, chest discomfort, and also vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and anemia. At the present, allergic disease is incurable by drugs, but with appropriate care by avoiding allergen exposure, sometimes the symptoms may completely disappear. Allergy Diagnosis When the doctor suspects that the patient may has allergic disease by taking his/her medical history, physical examination, and/or skin allergy testing, blood allergen-specific IgE can be another measurement to confirm the diagnosis. N Health provides Food + Inhalation Thailand Profile Specific IgE (Immunoblot) test which contains the most 36 common food allergens and aeroallergens specific to Thai people.